Apsveicam Latvijas Jūras Akadēmijas studentus izlaidumā!

Īpaši vēlamies sveikt studentus, kuri izgāja praksi LAPA LTD!🎉

Congratulations to the graduates of Latvijas Jūras Akadēmija!

We especially want to congratulate those, who did their internship at LAPA LTD!

Happy 32nd birthday to our incredible Crewing and Training Center!

Another year of setting sail with passion, navigating challenges, and training the finest seafarers.

Here’s to many more voyages of success and smooth seas ahead!


LAPA Ltd. Team

"Enkurs 2024" competition in LAPA Training center

4. novembrī LAPA ltd. norosinājās Jūrniecības nozares konkursa skolēniem “Enkurs 2024” pirmā atlases kārta.


LAPA ltd. team visited our seafarers

on board LNG tanker “Coral Favia” at Klaipeda Port.

Thank you “Coral Favia” crew for warm reception!


#LAPAltd komanda organizēja ekskursiju uz Rīgas vēstures un kuģniecības muzejs/ Riga History and Navigation Museum RTU Latvijas Jūras akadēmija – RTU Latvian Maritime Academy studentiem, kuri veic praksi mūsu birojā . Studenti noklausījās lekciju par Latvijas kuģniecības vēsturi un iepazinās ar muzeja ekspozīciju pēc kuras nedaudz izklaidējās, sienot jūrnieku mezglus.⚓ ➰ ⛵

#LAPAltd team organized educational tour for RTU Latvijas Jūras akadēmija – RTU Latvian Maritime Academy students doing an internship in our office. We attended Rīgas vēstures un kuģniecības muzejs/ Riga History and Navigation Museum. Students listened lecture about History of Latvian Navigation and had some fun tying boating knots.⚓ ➰ ⛵

INTERTANKO Survey on the Issues and Challenges Faced by Seafarers

The Intertanko has started a survey to try to identify the issues and challenges faced by seafarers (with the focus on junior officers) and to try to find new ideas on how to improve life at sea.

The survey is not tanker specific, although we expect to have more returns from that sector. Our members have asked us to expand the survey to other sectors, such as bulk and container. All returns are anonymous.

Thanks in advance

Link to Survey →

Latvian Maritime Academy Meeting

The LAPA team had an open-door meeting with the Academy students. The main goal was to help students find the right direction in the ocean of the opportunities available to young officers today.

A full house we had has reaffirmed student’s interest in the seagoing job. An open question session with the LAPA Officers and Cadets has shed light on such important factors as life on board, facilities available today, work at sea and the cadetship programmes with the blue-chip shipowners, which are dominant in their segments for many years.

Safe Seas!

Latvian Maritime academy meeting

The vessel of my dream – LAPA - 30 years anniversary!

Dear Participants,

It has been an honor to have you present in our event. Your participation ensured the success of our event. All the kid’s works are amazing and we are so proud to see that many drawings.

We also see younger participants have learned about ship construction and life and work at sea and we too looking in to the future to have school and theater on board of LAPA ships, so it was not only fun but educational project at the same time!

Role of parents here was absolutely critical and we are so glad to see that our competition allow us few more hours spent with the kids. As mentioned in the invitation letter, a certificate of appreciation will be granted to all participants.

Gennady Zenikov

Winners will be awarded with prizes and drawing will be posted on the LAPA web.

1. Dominika Praslova
2. Vasilisa Varakina
3. Sofija Svincicka
4. Anastasia Urban
5. Maria Mushuk
6. Polina Chumachenko

And our WINNER – Gennady Zenikov

We hope to invite you again soon. Please keep visiting us for further events and their details.

Vladimirs Klimkevics
General Manager

LAPA Cadet - Story of Success

“You are girl …do You need this?”: they said, those who doesn’t understand that love to your profession makes it easier, more interested and productive.

A dream to connect my life with sea has been coming from my childhood, stories that my sailor grandfather told me and from spending summer time by sea with my family. I am sure that the problem of choice never existed for me because I know I was born with the idea of working at sea.

Reaching the highest position on board of a ship means going through the ranks. It takes years of study, training and experience in order to accumulate the knowledge and skills require to the advance of this career. Everyone has to start from somewhere to reach the main goal. Now I am a Deck Cadet Aleksandra and I started my way from first step in my career from training, studying, practicing and improving myself in this position to become qualified Officer in the future.
With a great desire I was waiting for news from the manager of my local company “LAPA-Acomarin” for joining the ship and finally I am here on Pacific Jupiter already during 6 months. This is my first experience with a gas carrier and I had a good impression of the ship, company and crew. The first days on board were exciting, at that time I got new feelings and confusion because everything were new. I met new people, different nationalities, new responsibilities and abilities. Everything was started for me from departure of Antwerp port when I got Captain’s permission to join Bridge during pilotage.

For these periods of 6 months on board, I got big experience, skills, abilities and took part in different operations, actions, drills and trainings.
It is important for seaman life to work with good team because good relationship during the whole contract is the key for successful and productive work. As a Cadet I am lucky to work and study with good team, experienced and qualified Officers. I am grateful to them for support, care, help in everything, advices and most importantly for the fact that they shared their experience with me.
With every day, I found out about correct use of COLREGS in different situations to keep clear of the way of another vessel, avoid collision and I used it on practice during my bridge watch. I got knowledge about ship’s stability, cargo carriage, operations, features, specifics of cargo and various maritime conveniences. One of my big responsibility was assistance Chief Officer in ballast operations. This all helped me to understand the Chief Officer’s duties and become more experienced in this area.
Besides my duty on bridge, the ship’s maintenance also was a part of my daily routine. Painting, cleaning and chipping were first things that Bosun taught me showing how deck work should be performed and how to operate it in the future.
My free time after work I spent on Bridge. This time coincided with duty time of Second and Third Officers. From the Second Officer I got the opportunity to study and practical use of all navigation equipment, I gained more knowledge about ship publications and charts. The most interesting part of Second Mate’s duty was assistant in preparing Passage Plan.
More time and attention I devoted to the work of the Third Office, as I understand that this is my direct responsibilities in the future. The Third Officer taught me how to maintain Life-Saving Appliances and Fire-Fighting Equipment on board, prepare port documents and manage of GMDSS equipment he is responsible for. It is importance to keep all safe and emergency equipment in good conditions.

Upon port arrival and departure, I took part in anchoring and mooring operations under command of the duty Officer and Bosun. During ship’s berthing and unberthing Second Mate gave me instructions regarding to safety operations, correct use of rope combination, tug operation and bridge to mooring station communication. Maintain good, easy and standard communication with bridge is essential part to perform safe and successful operation.
In every port I also had duties to keep proper gangway watch and took part in cargo operation. At that time, I followed duty Officer who taught me cargo calculation and Chief Officer with Gas Engineer who practically showed me procedure of cargo loading and discharging. Except of work we also had time for rest by watching movies, playing table tennis, basketball and other games. It is good to have such social place for keeping the body healthy and to spend time all together sharing own stories and impressions. During these six month we celebrated on board National Chinese Day, Christmas, New Year, dumplings party and first Equator crossing for several crew members and thankfully our Captain we had good preparation, parties, too much funny and happiness.

I am happy that listened LAPA –Acomarin advice and have joined this company, this vessel and met such friendly team on board.
The main thing in working in the merchant is to love your profession, otherwise this work is not justified because you have to give up too much in life. I love my job and I know how to do.
I understood that I chose the right way and profession that I enjoy. Now my contract is finished and I have to back home, continue my studying, get diploma and back again with new strength, perspectives and desire for developing myself. I hope that my efforts and work were beneficial for the ship and company.

I wish everyone new joined crew member be strong, never give up and go towards your goal if it is really what you love.

Deck Cadet Aleksandra Vomachko with best regards!

Day of the Seafarer

Online Training Courses Are Available!

We are happy to announce that the following online training courses are available:

  • Security training for seafarers with designated security duties A-VI/6-1, A-VI/6-2

  • Security – awareness training A-VI/6-1

  • Ship Security Officer A-VI/5

Dates for enrolling: May 6, May 8.

  • Hygiene requirements on board ships (According to the Reg. 3.2 of MLC, 2006)

Date for enrolling: May 7

For registration you can use online reservation form, or by calling to the training center +371 67332887.

Courses carrying is approved by Latvian Maritime Authorities.

25 years of employment at Stolt Tankers!

It is privilege and pleasure to congratulate Our first two Officers:

  • Captain Ivans Zogalskis

  • 2nd Engineer Miroslav Purtov

with very special milestone that they have recently achieved – 25 years of employment at Stolt Tankers.

More to come already in 2020 showing our long term cooperation and stability.


The LAPA Training site is located at the beautiful riverside of the largest river in Latvia – the Daugava had play host to fun and educational sessions for kids and adults.
The activities have been run by the LAPA Team and included getting up close with the family members, attending safety and survival sessions and lots of kids attractions.
All the guests were able to walk around the training site, review safety tools, ask questions and try various FiFi and survival equipment including fire extinguishers, life boats,  immersion suits, rescue boat, life rafts, signal  rockets and flares.
Alongside the activities, all the kids had a fun and learned how to use fire hoses, lifejackets, enjoy drawing, football and participate in the darts tournament and wore firemen outfit.
The Day of Sea at the LAPA Training Site is a fantastic day out at any time of the year with something outstanding for everyone. The site has become an adventure playground where guests have tried to wear a seaman hat. We are excited to bring a range of new activities to the LAPA and are looking forward to welcoming guests many of whom will be enjoying driving a rescue boat, fighting a fire and enjoying a smoke and darkness rescue exercise wearing breathing apparatus for the first time in their lives.
There is really something for everyone across the day, from kids drawing, to specialist emergency services teams.
Please follow us on the FB and LinkedIn for not to miss the invitation to the next adventure.

LAPA Team.

Odessa - Exhibition 2019

The LAPA has been invited to attend the Crewing and Training exhibition took place at Odessa, Ukraine last week. When you first walked into the exhibit you are greeted by a huge sign of the LAPA and it gave a nice background on the activities.

The LAPA has been represented with the large stand and we had most visitors interested in our crewing and training services and we had very good opportunity to advertise our Customers fleets on the Ukrainian market.

Along the largest Shipmanagers we had a chance to discuss on the future of the crewing in the region and the simulator’s training with the industry experts such as the Kongsberg and Wärtsilä. It is something we pursue now and want to pursue in the future and it was cool to see how the shipping industry develop in this digital era.